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A registered nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach, I set up Gut Reaction in 2013 to pursue my passion to help people to both enjoy and reap the benefits of a nourishing diet and lifestyle.


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It is my career calling to inspire, inform and engage others in creating nourishing, vibrant diet and lifestyles that they love.

Discovering the power of nutrition and lifestyle through my own ‘health journey’ has undeniably played a huge role in defining my approach to the support I provide, as well as shaping my life personally and professionally. It’s why I work from a place of compassion and appreciation of how unique we are all, and am always looking to meet my clients where they are in their own journey and aiming to give them the breadth and depth of support that they personally need to move forward.

When looking back now, I can clearly see how the impact of my childhood food choices played out into my relationship with food in my teens and early 20s when, for a number of years, it felt like I was ‘fire-fighting’ bloating and putting up with a general ‘fogginess’ which detracted some of my enjoyment at work and play. 

Then, when a stressful job combined with personal and family issues took a toll on my health in my mid-20's, I became interested in nutrition and soon realised the impact that addressing diet and lifestyle could make to my well-being. The symptoms I experienced that drove me to seek support were synonymous with irritable bowel syndrome and adrenal exhaustion.

Thirsty for a deeper understanding of gut health, I took to studying a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy alongside my old career job, and with my new-found knowledge I started to take control of my health and radically change my eating habits.

For me, this included embracing more protein in my diet by expanding my mainly vegetarian and carb heavy repertoire to incorporate fish and high quality lean meats, radically reducing identified sugar sources and other inflammatory triggers, and quitting my grazing habit.

I gradually rebalanced my health by transforming a diet dominated by beige foods to one rich in a spectrum of colourful plant-based foods with all the nutrients and fibre that they bring, addressing my personal intolerances, using natural supplements therapeutically, and integrating into my daily diet an array of 'functional foods' such as fermented foods which I have learnt to love and now wouldn't be without. 

I set-up Gut Reaction as I was compelled to share what I’ve learned and provide other people with the guidance and support they need to improve their own health and wellbeing. So, bringing awareness to my food and eating has really opened a path to both personal development as well as a new career for me!

Maintaining good health, overall wellbeing and positive energy, naturally extends beyond nutrition alone. Personally, I highly value a range of practices including yoga, dance classes, walking with my local Walk ‘n Talk Wellbeing group, having artistic outlets, spending quality time with my family and friends, journalling, and other tools to help manage a balanced mind and body.

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Today, at 38, I am more energised and stronger in my mind and body than I have ever been. And I enjoy helping people learn nourishing habits to help them feel body confident, energised, glowing and manage a healthy weight.


Qualifications and study

Since achieving my Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, I have undertaken further training specialising in weight issues, and have studied with the National Centre for Eating Disorders, completing a course in Psychological Approaches to Obesity.

As a long-term associate of Patrick Holford's Zest4Life, I am continually developing my skills as a motivational health coach, drawing on NLP, CBT, ACT techniques and mindfulness, and incorporate Zest4Life eating plans into Gut Reaction’s programmes as appropriate.

I am currently studying under the wing of Dr Deanna Minich, training to become a certified Food & Spirit practitioner in early 2019, to add further dimensions to my wellbeing coaching.

A full member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), I adhere to the strict BANT Code of Ethics and Practice, and am a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Gut Reaction is fully insured for Nutritional Therapy. 

In order to help me stay at the forefront of my profession, I invest time reading the latest research papers and maintaining CPD, with a particular focus on mind-body nutrition and gut health.